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Field Foreman/ Superintendent

Position is hourly

Job Description:

Duties include:


  1. Schedule with General Superintendent all manpower required on field projects.

  2. Oversee project with onsite subcontractors, contact daily / weekly.

  3. Develop project schedule in conjunction with General Superintendent / Project Manager.

  4. Work with General Superintendent and Project Manager to insure project stays on schedule and all submittals / shop drawings have been reviewed and submitted.

  5. Assist General Superintendent and Project Manager with extra work orders and back charges.

  6. Assist the General Superintendent with validating cost codes at beginning of projects.

  7. Monitor cost codes on a weekly basis and review with general superintendents.

  8. Assist General Superintendent on delivery scheduling from shop and outside sources daily / weekly.

  9. Assist Project Manager with project billing.

  10. Meet with owners and professionals as required.

  11. Work with subs to maintain job schedule.

  12. Maintain superintendent’s reports and associated paper work on a daily basis.

  13. Review project invoices from subcontractors and suppliers with General Superintendent and Project Manager.

  14. Schedule equipment to be used on job site with General Superintendent.

  15. Review individual performance of each employee on your crew on a twice yearly basis and make recommendations for promotion, demotion, termination, or ware adjustment.

  16. Hold weekly safety meetings and retain paper work for records.

  17. Maintain on-site records of deliveries, accidents, visitors, unforeseen conditions, delays affecting schedule, R.F.I.s, and correspondence with subcontractors and professionals.

  18. Keep detailed records concerning delays due to slow return of requested information from professionals, owner, and subcontractors.

  19. Review job sites for cleanliness and assist safety director to insure a safe work place per company and OSHA standards on a daily basis.

  20. Enforce company policy regarding tardiness, absenteeism, and sick days.

  21. Maintain a running file on absenteeism and written excuses.

  22. Calculate material in needed on the job in advance to minimize down time.

  23. Coordinate with General Superintendent and order materials from vendors and subcontractors as needed on a weekly basis.

  24. Should be familiar with and have some computer skills.

  25. Will be required to fill out and keep accurate time sheets for all employees under their supervision including all cost codes.

  26. Should be competent in all carpenter skills including but not limited to blue print reading, building layout, surveying knowledge, use of level and laser instruments, concrete installation procedures, fundamentals of general building construction, including pre engineered metal buildings, general knowledge in mechanical, plumbing, and electrical installation.

  27. Work with State and local inspectors to insure work is performed according to permit drawings.

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