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Position is hourly with truck and gas allowance dependent on job site location.

Job Description:

Duties include


  1. Schedule with general superintendent all manpower required at their job location

  2. Oversee crews working under their authority, which might include subcontractors.

  3. Maintain work schedule as set forth by general superintendent or project manager.

  4. Keep daily logs as to time and personal on site, deliveries, and changes in scope of work.

  5. Maintain and keep time sheets for company employees under their authority.

  6. Attend job meetings and meet with professionals as necessary.

  7. Review project and keep both project manager and general superintendent updated

  8. Make request to general superintendent for material and equipment.

  9. Hold Safety meetings with onsite personal.

  10. Maintain site records of visitors, accidents, delays affecting schedule, unforeseen conditions and R.F.I.’s

  11. Review job site cleanliness and assist safety director to insure a safe work place.

  12. Maintain a file regarding absenteeism and sick days and report these to the general superintendent.

  13. Maintain coordination between subcontractors and office personnel.

  14. Should be familiar with all general construction hand tools and power tools.

  15. Should be competent in reading blueprints.

  16. Should be competent in all carpenter skills including but not limited to reading civil engineers stakes use of laser and level instruments, concrete installation, and installation of doors, frames, and hardware.  General knowledge of subcontractor’s scope of work.  Capable knowledge of interior and exterior finishes and all work associated with general trades.  Be capable of preparing and completing punch lists for all trades.

  17. Coordinate and follow through on job site inspections with local authorities.

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