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Position is hourly with no truck, paid vacation or Holidays

Job Description:

Duties include:

  1. Ability to follow instructions from governing personnel.

  2. To layout foundation and building lines.

  3. Shoot elevations and grades.

  4. Wood framing.

  5. Metal stud framing.

  6. Hollow metal door and frame installation.

  7. Hang door and install hardware.

  8. Install millwork trim and cabinets.

  9. To receive materials and off load in a safe and proficient fashion.

  10. To assist and guide other to improve their skills and complete tasks

  11. Prepare to perform job related assignments at designated start time.

  12. To perform daily tasks in a safe and workman like manner in accordance with company policy and procedure.

  13. Responsible to secure and maintain all basic tools to perform task.

  14. Be able to lift 40 pounds and to be able to stand, bend over and squat for an unspecific amount of time.

  15. Install and finish drywall.

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